How to use on iPhone/iPad

  • Due to some **** reasons, this app is not published in China App Store, which means you need to download it in other app store, e.g. US/HK App Store. You need to use a US or HK Apple ID to do that, if you don't have one, you can use our public ones here:
    USA Apple ID: Pass: Sednax123456
    USA Apple ID: Pass: Aa112211
    USA Apple ID: Pass: Aa112211
    Hong Kong Apple ID: Pass: Sednax1234
    Hong Kong Apple ID: Pass: Aa112211
    Hong Kong Apple ID: Pass: Aa112211
    If your Apple ID is not China Apple ID, you can directly download it in App Store.

  • Step 1: Open Settings->iTunes Store & App Store->Sign In, Then sign in with a non-China Apple ID, Note: You should never sign in your iCloud with this public Apple ID unless it is your own Apple ID, during the whole process, you don't need to change anything in iCloud.
  • Step 2: After Sign In, open App Store search "Potatso", and then download this app
  • Step 3: After download, please open Potatso Lite and scan QR Codes here: View QR Codes, please scan them all and delete those repeated ones(those with same names are repeated ones)

    Please contact us via wechat for help if any issue (Don't use Potatso Lite to scan this qr code):

  • Step 4: After you scan all QR Codes and remove repeated ones(those with the same names), please first Enable Smart Routing, and then choose a server from Proxy, and then click Start to connect. you would see vpn icon on status bar(iPhone X has no vpn icon due to limited space). open safari and try to connect, if you can open it, it means all is good now.

  • Step 5:Quit Apple ID you entered on Step 1, change it back to your own Apple ID.